Next Live date and how it works.

Our live virtual training will be back on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7.30pm Places are on a first come first serve basis.

These are free to all Part 3 Subscribing Members.

Use this link to register once for all our live chats while you're a subscribing member.

You will then be sent an email with the link to join all the live training. It Works out to about £5 for every hour we can sign off, great value and great information. Plus you receive all our other content.

To subscribe to our site Click Here


Just because you're unable to teach doesn't mean you can't train!

For those of you who would like to be keeping your brain working, extending your knowledge and understanding, and gathering material for your part 3 logbooks, we have something just for you.

Blaine and I will be hosting free virtual training sessions twice a week. Each session will last an hour and will focus on a topic, subject, skill or teaching technique that you will find useful both for your training and teaching.

For those of you working towards your 40hrs pre pink badge or 20hrs post pink badge, these hours can count. The system we will be using allows you to interact 'live' (a requirement for the hours to be signed off) and lets us see who has been on, meaning we are then happy to sign off your ADI21T or ADI21AT forms to evidence your training.

Currently, we can only offer these live training sessions to members of and on a first-come-first-served basis. Within your membership, you will also get full access to the part 3 section. I will be uploading and refreshing this section over this 'stay at home' period

It doesn't matter who you are training with or who you are franchised under - you are VERY welcome! 

These sessions will take to form of a casual yet structured chat... making the most of what Blaine and I feel we do best....talking with you and sharing our knowledge, understanding, and experiences...

We really hope this helps as many of you as possible during such uncertain times....

To find the next Live Training date and to register go to

For us to be able to sign off your training hours on the ADI21T or ADI21AT we need to make sure you're in attendance. The easiest way to do this is to for us to see you on video for the whole chat. If you don't want to have your form signed off then there is no need to have your video mode activated. We will also have a digital record that you were logged in to the chat. Can you also keep your own record of when you attended so we can find you easier.