1 Did the trainer identify the pupil's learning goals and needs?

The learning goals and needs should be established at the beginning of the lesson, BUT it should be recognised that this skill may be demonstrated throughout the lesson, as and when the PDI recognises how the original goals and needs need to be explored further or deeper, OR indeed the needs of the pupil indicate that they have learning needs that are different form the original plan.

For this reason, this competency may not be marked off as completed until well into or even after the lesson.

Trainer Tips:

Watch the video explanations on the PDI site for a detailed review of this competency as this will help you know what the PDIs are being encouraged to think about in relation to this skill, both during their training sessions and their real lessons.

The video below will give some ideas about how YOU can be supporting PDIs as they learn these skills, as well as giving YOU some key factors to be aware of when training these competencies and when giving feedback.

The Trainer's Guidebook will set out some key facts as well as a check list of what to listen out for when confirming a PDI is demonstrating this skill well. The 'Trainer Alarm Bells' section suggests cues for you to recognise when a PDI is lacking in this competence.

You may also find the @Golden Rules for Role Playing This Competence' useful.