Visual Learning Scenarios and Pupil Handouts

Now includes the new Manoeuvres

Now includes the new Manoeuvres

After a questionnaire send out asking ADIs what visual aids they currently use, what they like and what works well during real lessons and what, if anything they would like from an ideal visual aid, the evidence was overwhelmingly in favour of a clear, easy to follow, uncluttered or text free visual with more subjects covered including complicated junctions, traffic light systems, country roads and multi lane roundabouts.

Following this feedback and the general wishes of both newly qualified and more experienced ADIs, SamT and myself are delighted to offer you


This comes as 2 separate pdf files giving you the choice of what to print off depending on your own needs.

The files include -

1/ 'Visual Learning Scenarios' - consisting of over 50 pages of scenarios you may cover on your lessons, including the examples from the wish list above.

2/ 'Pupil Handouts' - consisting of 40 A5 handouts related to the 'Visual Learning Scenarios' to give to your pupils following a lesson or in preparation for a future subject.

The above will be send to you in the form of a link to a 2 pdf's on our Visuals section, allowing you to print of all or some of the 'Visual Learning Scenarios' and buys you the licence to print off as many of the pupil handouts as you require.

This fantastic addition to your lessons can be purchased for just £34.80 you will receive access to 2 pdf files via this section to download.

You can buy the Visuals and Handouts HERE

If you have brought the lifetime membership you already have access to this section via

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