1 Did the trainer identify the pupil's learning goals and needs?

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Goals for a lesson will often be agreed at the end of the previous lesson and be based on what the pupil recognises they need to continue to improve upon, gain more experience of or identifies as the next step in their learning journey. If you have been working with your pupil prior to the Part 3 lesson* you may, therefore, have already reached an agreement with your pupil about what their learning needs and goals are. The beginning of the lesson is the right time to recap this goal and confirm that it’s still appropriate to make this the focus for today. There may be good reason for the previously set goal to need to change - either because something has come up on the drive to the test centre, or if the pupil has been driving between lessons and identified a need to go over something other than what you had both originally planned.

Although this first few minutes of the Part 3 is there to establish the goals and the purpose of the lesson, it is also VITAL to remember that a better understanding of the pupil’s needs may emerge as the lesson progresses. Your role is to recognise this and adapt your teaching to support the shown learning needs of the pupil.

Your role is to:

  • Encourage the pupil to say what they want from the lesson
  • Ask questions to ensure understanding
  • Check understanding as the lesson progresses
  • Listen to what the pupil is saying
  • Take note of body language


  • Make assumptions about understanding or experience
  • Fail to note negative or concerned comments or body language that show discomfort
  • Undermine the pupil’s confidence by continually asking questions clearly beyond the pupil’s knowledge or understanding
  • Push the pupil to address issues that they are not happy to talk about, unless there is a clear need, such as an identified risk or a safety critical issue

Watch the video below to hear me give an overview of this competency.

The additional videos in this section and accompanying workbook pages will give you some examples of these skills and encourage you to find ways of developing this competency within your own training and lessons.

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