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  2 Was the agreed lesson structure appropriate for the pupil's experience and ability?

The lesson structure should allow your pupil to progress at a rate that is appropriate to their ability and learning needs, allowing them to be stretched but without overwhelming them.

Your role is to:

  • Ensure the pupil understands what they plan to do and agrees with that plan
  • Deliver a lesson that reflects the information given by the pupil and the learning goals they want to tackle
  • Build in opportunities to check the statements made by the pupil before moving to more challenging situations
  • Check theoretical understanding


  • Deliver a pre-planned, standard lesson that doesn’t take into account the pupil’s expressed needs or concerns
  • Fail to build in a suitable balance of practice and theory

Watch the video below to hear me give an overview of this competency.

The additional videos in this section and accompanying workbook pages will give you some examples of these skills and encourage you to find ways of developing this competency within your own training and lessons.

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